We are...
A community of explorers at heart
City dwellers longing for nature
Travelers exploring new horizons
Eternal seekers of adventure
We try new routes and share our trails
We wear what we love
We create memories with new friends
Take the long way home.
Hunter + Hudson
We founded Hunter + Hudson with the desire to curate and offer quality outdoor gear for the adventurer in you. Whether it be hiking up a mountain, a camping trip or simply walking the dog through wonderful woodlands and forests, we strive to source practical, functional and durable outdoor gear.
We think less is more. We don’t like scrolling through pages and pages (and pages) looking for items and we think we’re not alone. Every single product is a process of an evolution of test and trial. We only sell products we would want to use ourselves and we believe we deliver gear that really performs.
We sincerely hope you like what you see and we really appreciate having you here. Grab your gear and join our community as we explore the off beaten track.
Hunter + Hudson