H+H 500ml Insulated Water Bottle BPA Free, Leak-Proof in White

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Our H+H 500ml double wall insulated water bottle looks super stylish, feels great in the hand and is easy to carry, when we are out and about.

This thing does not only will keep your water cool and your brew hot, it comes with all the benefits below... what's not to like?

Product Details

  • DOUBLE WALL INSULATED WATER BOTTLE - Maintains and keeps temperature inside regardless of the temperature outside up to 24h for cold and up to 12h for hot drink. It’s amazing. It’s like MAGIC!
  • SAFE TO TOUCH - No matter the temperature of the liquid in this bottle, your bottle will feel just right to the touch.
  • 100% FOOD SAFE - Food Safe Stainless Steel & BPA + Phthalate Free. Rust-resistant, food grade stainless steel water bottle, metal construction inside and out for long-lasting, fresh tasting flavour.
  • SILICONE RING LEAK PROOF - Equipped with a food-grade silicone cover cap, tight silicone sealing ring to prevents leaks, it keeps the pure taste of the water / drink inside. Bottle opening is 3.3 cm wide, big enough for ice cubes.
  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES - Our insulated water bottle can be used anywhere on planet earth doing whatever you want.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Our stainless-steel bottle body allows for a quick rinse and clean with a brush completely removing all odours or residues but don’t put it in dishwasher or microwave.
  • ECO FRIENDLY - Our bottle is recyclable and environmentally friendly.

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